" Cooking is always a quest for perfection."

" For me, BMX gives me unpredictable fun and inspiration,
It always leads me to the world I want.
An indispensable existence for me."

" If you don't pass down your knowledge, then your knowledge dies with you.
Pass your PASSION down to the next generation."

" The things that I create,
leave my hands, and then
root as a part of their life;
In the corners of every daily scenery."

" The PASSION I got is I can honestly say a feeling that you can only obtain from bless wet and tears.
Feeling I get when I land a new trick or I am pushing down the road.
Or I feel a breeze through my shirt, is feeling that is unobtainable amongst any other sports that I've ever played "

  • Agency: AEBA.STUDIO dev.images
  • Creative Director: Asako Aeba
  • Visual Director: Tomo Jidai
  • Cast: Brandon Scott James (skater)
    Charlie Himmelstein (boxer)
    Franco Sampogna (chef)
  • Photographer/Director: Sarai Mari
    1st AD/Editor: Kai Chen Kao
    DP: Max Lipka
    B-Cam: Matt Munson (skater)
    B-Cam: Drake Woodhall (boxer&chef)
    Music: Alexandre Varela
  • Stylist: Edward Bowleg
    Groomer: Ayaka Nihei
  • Production: Moxie Production
    Producer: Patrick Van Maanen
    Production manager: Tim Tobin
  • Cast: Keisuke Okazaki (craft)
    Haruhiko Owa (bmx)
  • Photographer/Director: Sarai Mari
    DP: Yuki Suematsu
    B-Cam: Miho Tanno
    Gaffer: Yuji Wada
    Editor: Kai Chen Kao
    Music: Alexandre Varela
  • Stylist: Tetsuro Nagase
    Groomer: Taka Okada
  • Production: Toboggan
    Producer: Kishin Oyama
    Production Manager: Hayato Kubo